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Informative delivery of the first Digital Living Lab series on Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse
13 October 2020, 08:35
Many communities in South Africa struggle to access reliable and adequate quantities of potable water for various water requirements.
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Successful delivery of the Virtual Living Lab: Redesigning the Liesbeek river in Cape Town
12 October 2020, 08:46
The Virtual Living Lab: Redesigning the Liesbeek River in Cape Town was hosted in collaboration with World Water Academy, TU Delft, Hogeschool Rotterdam, and the University of Cape Town. The collaborative effort welcomed 35 students from six universities who took part in the first two sessions.
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A successful delivery of the digital Anammox Masterclass
09 October 2020, 08:03
The digital Anammox Masterclass was successfully delivered on 7th October 2020 where 60 participants were welcomed by Agnes Maenhout (Director: World Water Academy) and Professor Faizal Bux (Director: Institute for Water and Wastewater Technology).
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Bridging the Virtual Waters: turn a canal back into a river
07 September 2020, 06:41
Are you interested in international water resource management? Keen on travelling to other countries to learn about their water situation, but stuck due to the pandemic spread of the coronavirus?
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Digital Living Labs in Durban and Cape Town
06 August 2020, 11:27
The goal of a digital living lab within the framework of the OKP-project Bridging the Water is to bring students, professors and researchers from South Africa and the Netherlands together in a virtual environment.
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Covid-19 Update: Lockdown in South Africa
06 August 2020, 10:54
Lockdown restrictions have eased in South Africa, which entered level 3 of the national Lockdown on 1 June 2020 as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa. This has allowed for the resumption of economic activity whilst adhering to safety regulations.
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Covid-19 update: Complete Lockdown in South Africa for 21 days
27 March 2020, 08:13
On 23 March 2020 SA president Ramaphosa announced a nationwide lockdown for 21 days starting on Thursday 26th March. South Africans will have to stay in their homes during the lockdown with exception from seeking medical care, buying groceries, access banking services and getting petrol.
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Successful Training Delivery in Waste Water and Water Production in Cape Town
27 March 2020, 07:52
This February five groups of students have been trained in Cape Town in Basic of Waste Water Treatment, Nutrient Removal and Sludge Treatment and Basics of Drinking Water Production.
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’Fruitful’ delivery of Nutrient Removal and Sludge Treatment and the Basics of Drinking Water Production courses in eThewkini
26 March 2020, 10:48
The OKP project ‘Bridging the Water’ has delivered new courses in eThewkini in February. South-African and Dutch trainers teamed up to share their knowledge about wastewater treatment and the production of drinking water.
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Dutch students using an integrated water model for Living Lab in Cape Town
07 January 2020, 06:54
Two third year Water Management students from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences have done an internship at the Future Water Institute (FWI), a transdisciplinary research institute addressing issues of water scarcity in South Africa largely through water sensitive design situated in the University of Cape Town.
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Bridging the Water is part of the Orange Knowledge Programme.