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BWWT Training Joburg Water

Training at Johannesburg Water started with the course: Basics of Wastewater Treatment delivery on the 9th of November at Goudkoppie WWTW in Johannesburg. Local trainers Mr. Lesego Motsepe and Mr Ntkozo Mdluli facilitated the course to assistant process controllers and process controllers from different surrounding WWT plants within Johannesburg Water. Two groups with a total of 20 participants were trained. Due to several electricity outages the trainers had to be flexible in shifting locations to make sure the training could proceed as planned.

The training focussed on interactive learning methods. During the first exercises, groups of students were mixed based on the different treatment plants they work at therefore ensuring that they  learn from each other and the differences in each WWTP. This approach is taken to facilitate peer-to-peer learning which is at the heart of the BWWT course. The trainers used interactive teaching methods and asked a lot of questions to test the knowledge and understanding of the participants.

Learning goals were set at the beginning of the course. Some of the expectations of students were:

‘I expect to learn a lot, and on information that I have. To grow. To go back to the plant and apply what I have heard
‘I want to become better than what I am now. To shoot for the stars. I will do my best and hopefully one day become a senior process controller’

Although the BWWT is a basics course and students are knowledgeable, having this course as a refresher severely contributed to activating this knowledge again and making sure all basics are well understood and being applied in their daily work.

When discussing the basic chemistry, it was very interesting to see that the participants understand the processes at their plants but needed some time to link them back to the overall picture. After this course they will understand the basic concept, and this will help them during their work to lead processes back to the basic and have a deeper understanding of what is happening in terms of chemical reactions.


Overall, the delivery was successfully planned and executed thanks to an amazing team at Johannesburg water! 

Bridging the Water is part of the Orange Knowledge Programme.