Bridging the water

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Basics of Wastewater Treatment course at ERWAT South Africa

 The training for Ekurhuleni Water Care Company (ERWAT) kicked off during October 2021. ERWAT water is responsible for 19 treatment plants. The ERWAT trainers and plant managers, Mr. Norman Mahlangu and Mr. Livhuwani Mathomu successfully completed the Training of Trainers programme in March 2021. As a result of this, they  are now training ERWAT process controllers in the Basics of Wastewater Treatment course.


They are enthusiastic and passionate trainers that know how to motivate and train their colleagues in an interactiveand engaged manner. The group of 17 participants from all different ERWAT plants enjoyed the course delivery conducted by their managers where they learned new material together with their fellow colleagues and undertook assignments. . The questions posed throughout the duration of the course delivery prompted the participants to reflect on their own role within the WWT process and within the water cycle. 

The trainers added a lot of value to the BWWT programme by bringing in local knowledge. For example: knowledge about where they discharge their treated water to and using specific examples from ERWAT treatment plants. During the introduction, the participants were asked to introduce themselves using an animal to explain how they work at their plant. One of the reactions to this introduction was from process controller Daniel, who said:

“I choose to be like an elephant because I like to learn a lot from other people. I’m very open minded to grow and to suggestions so that I can make wise decisions. I believe everyone is wise in their own capacity. I believe that if we learn from each other then we can conquer all challenges.”


Process Controller

On the second day the training focussed more on calculations, nutrient removal and sludge. After a morning of theory, the participants had to do a practical exam walking around the wastewater treatment plant. The knowledge learned during the course delivery was tested and the participants  did a great job in applying themselves to the course content!

Bridging the Water is part of the Orange Knowledge Programme.