Bridging the water

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Two Young Experts added to project team

Londiwe Dlamini and Sjoske Tuinstra have joined the project team of Bridging the Water. Londiwe and Sjokse are participants of the Young Expert Programme (YEP). The YEP Programmes are carried out jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), the Food & Business Knowledge Platform and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

Sjoske Tuinstra, Londiwe Dlamini and Claudia Peters (World Water Academy)

Londiwe Dlamini
​I am an assistant project coordinator for World Water Academy for the OKP-Project titled Bridging the water: co-create to learn & experience. I am based at the Institute of Water and Wastewater Technology at the Durban University of Technology. As an assistant project coordinator, I work closely with various stakeholders particularly in Durban, South Africa to ensure that project objectives are met within set timeframes. I have an environmental background in the field of hydrology and work experience in municipal wastewater treatment as well as local climate change adaptation through policies and strategies.  I have also been involved in a green and social entrepreneurship initiative aimed at creating innovative social and environmental solutions through promoting rewarding development pathways. My interests are in climate change adaptation, water resource management and urban development. I am also a member of the YEP Water progamme which further aims to rejuvenate the water sector through continued availability of expertise. 

Sjoske Tuinstra
It is a great pleasure to become part of the World Water Academy team. My name is Sjoske Tuinstra and I will be working as an assistant project coordinator for the OKP project in Cape Town, South Africa for the next two years. I have studied humans geography and urban planning at the UU. During my studies I studied a semester abroad at the University of the Wester Cape in Cape Town, and returned to write my Thesis in the impact of the water crisis in Cape Town in 2018. This has triggered my drive to work on solving global water issues. Last year I have worked for the Netherlands Water Partnership, organizing workshops, trade missions, conferences and study tours. In my new position as YEPper I will be working for the World Water Academy and NWP. I will be assisting with the OKP program. Therefore I will be coordinating training weeks, support student exchange in the living labs and maintain and grow the network of partners in South Africa. I really look forward to start and contribute in making the project a great succes in the next two years.


Bridging the Water is part of the Orange Knowledge Programme.