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First Basics of Waste Water Treatment Module by South African Trainers in eThewkini


Two South African trainers, Sibongile Kunene and Mpilo Mgeyane (both from eThekwini Water and Sanitation) were selected to deliver the Basics Of Waste Water Treatment module on the 14th – 15th November 2019 at the Northern Wastewater treatment plant in Durban. The module was delivered to 11 shift assistants from various wastewater
treatment plants in the Durban metropolitan area. Sibongile and Mpilo participated in the training of trainers where they both performed outstandingly earlier in September.

Hans Mollen and Melanie Nuchelmans (both from Brabantse Delta) and Evelien Meijerink and Claudia Peters (both from World Water Academy) formed the Dutch trainers that were available to assist Sibongile and Mpilo on Wednesday, 13th November in preparation for the module delivery ahead. The delivery of the training was  unfortunately cut short as flood warnings were released from the municipality to the residents of Durban. These unforeseen circumstances resulted in a day worth of training being postponed to the following Friday in order to complete the outlined module objectives.   

The trainers delivered the module covering a range of topics such as laws and regulations, chemistry and biology, basic calculations, composition of wastewater, processes in wastewater treatment, pre-treatments, activated sludge, nutrient removal, settling and disinfecting. The module delivery was successful and the participants were awarded with the certificates upon completion of the Basics Of Waste Water Treatment module on the 22nd November 2019. Positive feedback was received in which one of the participants stated that “the course was very informative and the trainers were clear about the objectives thereof” and thanked WWA and the organizers stating they “wouldn’t mind coming again for more modules/lessons.”

Bridging the Water is part of the Orange Knowledge Programme.